Online Store for Bosch Group dealers

NesSoft produces professional online stores for Bosch dealers with access to Mediapool.

Our Advantages

Our e-stores are coded on the AdVantShop.NETplatform. In addition to all the advantages of this platform, you also enjoy the benefits of the services developed by Bosch especially for the Bosch Group dealers.
Full integration with Bosch Mediapool. Mediapool is a Data Base which contains descriptions on all the Bosch Group products (Bosch, Skil, Dremel ...). It enbles you to implement excellent product presentations.
Full integration with Cliplister. Cliplister ia a professional video streaming service. You will always have the most recent videos. Even a drill bit can have a professional video review!

Full integration with Market Place. Market Place - Direct link to your e-store site on the BOSCH online store. We are always prepared when new services from BOSCH emerge. You can export your price lists to EXCEL in a matter of minutes.
Detailed analysis using software from Google and Yandex. You can analyze the site attendance, visitor behavior, the success of advertising campaigns, geographical indicators, and much more.
Your store is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimized. Management of your store SEO is easily adjusted via the administration panel. Our pilot project ( is among the top queries at Google and received a Google Page Rank #5 !

You can compare different products that are of completely different brands. You can add products and edit existing ones. Your cabinet can easily be adjusted and changed.
You can rearrange the distribution, add and edit pages, news and blocks. You can split clients into groups and assign group discounts. Separately display new items and/or promotional items.
You can upload your price lists in whole or in part onto Yandex.Market and other similar sites.